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Alumni Athletes

We are proud of Webb graduates who have built on their Webb experience and gone on to compete in athletics at the college level. We are always looking to enhance our list of college athletes, many who can offer advice and counsel to those entering college athletics. If you know of a Webb alumnus/ae, currently playing NCAA- or NAIA school-sanctioned sports, please contact alumni@quantumseedllc.com to have their name added to the list.

List Of

Alumni Athletes



Bradyn Wishek ’22, Grinnell College
Gabe Bustamante ’21, Central Washington
Ryan Bridges ’20, Cornell College
Adrian Alvarez ’17, Cornell College
Ryan Whithorn ’16, Willamette University
Ian Chavez ’14, University of Redlands
Aaron DiGiamarino ’13, University of Southern California
Nick Gollin ’13, Washington University of St. Louis
Bryan Yokote ’09, Case Western Reserve University
Robert Connolly ’89, Pomona-Pitzer Colleges
Howard Lockie ’79, University of Oregon & American University
Pete Sanders ’76, St. Lawrence University
Jerome Martin ’64, Wesleyan University
Rick Clarke ’63, Amherst College
Sam Nigh ’63, Wesleyan University



Nathan Paik ’19 – Pomona College Basketball
Matthew Paik ’16, Pomona-Pitzer Colleges
Christina Duron ’08, Swarthmore College
Christina Herring ’07, Lewis and Clark College
Zakiya Sharpe ’07, UC Santa Cruz
Katie Kent ’05, Bryn Mawr College



Alan Price ’63, Stanford University



Lily Miller ’21, Bates Cross Country
Dean Woelfle ’21, Haverford College

Jackson Bibbens ’18, Williams College
Adam Holliday ’15, Colorado College
Andrew Lantz ’10, Davidson College
Nick Vechik ’06, Haverford College
Greg Burris ’05, University of Puget Sound
Matt Burris ’05, University of Puget Sound
John Boyer ’63, Wesleyan University



Juli Nokleberg ’10, United States Air Force Academy
Serge Stein ’78 (captain), Drake University



Lily Chen ’04, Bryn Mawr College



Bryan Oglesby ’23, University of Chicago Football
Ethan Caldecott ’21, Macalester Football
JJ Cunningham ’19, Washington University in St. Louis
Simon Dawson ’19, Washington University in St. Louis
Nick Johnson ’19, Arizona State University
Matt Martinez ’19, University of Chicago
Ryan Place ’18, University of Redlands
Spencer Easley ’18, Cornell College
Adrian Alvarez ’17, Cornell College
Nick Jung ’17, Pomona-Pitzer Colleges
Apollo Thomas ’17, Pomona-Pitzer Colleges
Shey Newton ’16, University of San Diego
Kienan Dixon ’14, Dickinson College
T.J. Fenton ’13, Southern Utah University
Steve Agajanian ’12, Carleton College
John Bouz ’12, Carleton College
Alex Chang ’12, Pomona-Pitzer Colleges
Sam Woodward ’12, Willamette University
Everett Chu ’11, Pomona College
Chris Jusuf ’11, Hamilton College
Johnny Hernandez ’11, Chapman University
Jake Waas ’10, UC Davis
Zach Calucchia ’06, Davidson College
Aaron Harris ’06, Carnegie Mellon University
Caleb Morse ’03, Pomona-Pitzer Colleges
Aman Ahluwalia ’97, UC Berkeley
Damian Nelson ’97, Gettysburg College
Max Nelson ’95, Davidson College
Hali Preston ’92, University of Southern California
Erik Hart ’89, University of Arizona & University of the Pacific
Kerry Bensinger ’78, Yale University
Bill Fraim ’70, Occidental College
Marvin Lawrence ’69, Wesleyan University
Jerome Martin ’64, Wesleyan University
Charles Bell ’63, Knox College
Dale Boller ’63, University of Southern California
Robert McReynolds ’63, UC Berkeley
Robert Mixon ’63, UC Riverside
Robert Warford ’63, UC Riverside
Hugh Martin ’53, Pomona College



Cole Albert ’15, University of Puget Sound
Amy Jin ’15, Wellesley College
Aaron DiGiamarino ’13, University of La Verne
Gabe Romero ’08, Pomona-Pitzer Colleges
Neil Campbell ’68, UC Berkeley



Stephanie Baron ’96, Colby College



Megan Kilmer ’12, Bryn Mawr College
Katherine Kilmer ’10, Bryn Mawr College
Caleb Morse ’03, Pomona College
Jason Brooks ’99, Trinity University
Doug Chun ’90, Pomona-Pitzer Colleges
Jim Gross ’63, Claremont McKenna College
Dean Davidge ’61, Claremont McKenna College



Ray Dahlstrom ’16, UC Berkeley
Michael Gallagher ’09, US Naval Academy
Alex Bao ’07, Dartmouth College
Rob Zondervan ’03, Colby College
Dave Wong ’80, UCLA
Mark Hinrichs ’76, Amherst College
Neil Campbell ’68, Rollins College



Elissa Seto ’01 (captain), Bryn Mawr/Haverford Colleges
Robert Mixon ’63, UC Riverside



Ted White ’71, Ithaca College


Abbey Cook ’23, Penn Soccer
Taylor Crawford ’23, Piedmont University Soccer
Liam Gerken ’20, Tufts Soccer
Victoria Romero ’20, Pepperdine Soccer
Bridgette Lee ’20, Sarah Lawrence Soccer
Dylan Wensley ’17, Occidental College
Barrett Fischer ’16, Pomona-Pitzer Colleges
McKenna Lamb ’16, Mount Holyoke College
Daniel Crisostomo ’15, Los Angeles Football Club & UC Irvine
Carly Olszewski ’13, Stanford University
Ashlynn Ramos ’13, University of Southern California
Abby Hess ’12, Wellesley College
Lindsey Crowe ’10, Bryn Mawr College
Jonathan Frisby ’09, University of Redlands & Lake Forest College
Leslie Greening ’04, Davidson College
Kevin Maffris ’00, UC Santa Barbara & UC Berkeley
Will Allan ’94, Claremont McKenna College
Andy Carollo ’92, Pomona-Pitzer Colleges
Robert Connolly ’89, Pomona-Pitzer Colleges
Harry Oei ’84, Pomona-Pitzer Colleges
Frank Rand ’76, Claremont McKenna College
James Bothamley ’72, Occidental College
Ted White ’71, Ithaca College
Robert Wu ’65, Ripon College
John Boyer ’63, Wesleyan University
Tom Butterworth ’63, UC Berkeley
Jim Gross ’63, Claremont McKenna College & CSU Fullerton



Chloe Stewart ’20, UCSB Softball
Elyse Morris ’17, St. John’s University
Hailey Arteaga ’16, Seton Hall University
Keely Marquez ’16, Emerson College
Alex Faura ’13, Wellesley College
Sasha Wijeyeratne ’08, Swarthmore College
Alicia Pratt ’07, Menlo College
Andrea Duron ’05, Carleton College



Kevin Ren ’22, Dartmouth College
Kennedy Becher ’21, Oberlin Swim and Dive
Rylie Brick ’19, Coast Guard Swimming
Richard Parnell ’16, Chapman University
Adrian Hui ’15, Pomona College
Shannon Torrance ’15, Centre College
Callie Renfrew ’11, Wheaton College
Charlotte Wilson ’10, Trinity College
Christian Woods ’08, Wheaton College
Jack Wiese ’06, University of Pennsylvania
Lily Chen ’04, Bryn Mawr College
Thatcher Woodley ’98, Union College
Chris Uy ’92, University of Rochester
Scott Kennelly ’88, UC Santa Cruz
Fredrick Cooper ’82, Wittenberg University



Neel Kotrappa ’10, Claremont McKenna College
Tara Lazar ’94, UC Berkeley
Eiko Sakamoto ’91, Georgetown University, Hall of Fame member
Steven Gottlieb ’86, UC Santa Cruz
Robert Wu ’65, Ripon College



Britney Lu ’23, Tufts University
Christopher Haliburton ’20, Occidental College
Juliana Base ’19, UC Riverside
Dylan Wensley ’17, Occidental College
Adam Holliday ’15, Colorado College
Nicolas Pankratz ’13, Lewis & Clark
Amara Berry ’12, Brown University
Ali Holakoui ’10, Pomona-Pitzer Colleges
Andrew Lantz ’10, Davidson College
Rosie Lewis ’09, Claremont McKenna College & Davidson College
Andrew Kunce ’08, Tulane University
Greg Burris ’05, University of Puget Sound
Connie Cheng ’05, Pomona-Pitzer Colleges
Katie Kent ’05, Bryn Mawr College, record holder in discus
Brittan Smith ’05, Harvard University
Kyle Davis-Hammerquist ’04, Stanford University
Stephanie Ho ’04, Boston College
Jamie Withey ’04, University of Southern California
James Rhodes ’02, Harvard University
Deidre Echevarria Braun ’00, Cal Poly Pomona
Jason Brooks ’99, Trinity University
Rita Forte ’99, Williams College
Alison Kennedy ’93, UC Riverside
Doug Chun ’90, Pomona-Pitzer Colleges
John Boyer ’63, Wesleyan University
Robert Johnston ’63, Dartmouth College



Savanna Cespedes ’22, Pomona College
Jordan Fuelling ’17, Chapman University
Megan Fuelling ’15, Scripps College
Katie Dickins ’14, Juniata College
Eryn Halvey ’14, Wellesley College
Katie Rice ’14, University of Puget Sound
Lauren Shue ’13, Bryn Mawr College
Megan Kilmer ’12, Bryn Mawr College
Emma Burdekin ’12, Pomona-Pitzer Colleges
Dana Edwards ’11, Rice University
Madison Fuelling ’11, Haverford College
Harrison Holmes ’11, Sarah Lawrence College
Kelsey Guardia ’08, Bucknell University
Sasha Wijeyeratne ’08, Swarthmore College
Jasmin Iskandar ’06, Vassar College
Anna Rachlin ’05, Harvard University
Alison Kennedy ’93, UC Riverside



Chandler Luebbers ’17, Occidental College
David Albers ’16, University of California San Diego
Johnathan Evanilla ’15, Connecticut College
Spencer Hosch ’15, Concordia University
Mickey Hamel ’14, Cal Lutheran University
Wilson Parnell ’13, Chapman University
Austin Talleur ’12, Pepperdine University
Chris Sazo ’10, Whittier College
Danielle Baron ’03, Wellesley College
Jon Ambrose ’89, Bucknell University
Scott Kennelly ’88, UC Santa Cruz



Spencer Easley ’18, Cornell College
Bobby Gonzales ’13, Harvard University
Alan Price ’63, Stanford University

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